(239) 334-3897
4312 Michigan Ave
Fort Myers, Florida 33905

Equivalency of Training (EoT)

Dates for upcoming EOT classes

  • August 7th, 2023 – August 10th, 2023
  • September 25, 2023 – September 28th, 2023
  • October 16th, 2023 – October 19th, 2023
  • October 30th, 2023 – November 2nd, 2023

EOT Information

  • Southwest Florida Public Service Academy

4312 Michigan Ave., Ft. Myers, Florida 33905

(239) 334-3897 Ext. 220

  • Coordinator: Dennis Eads
  • Cost: Law Enforcement $1036.00/Corrections $687.00
    • (Tuition rates are subject to change) Tuition also covers the textbooks required to study for the state test.
  • Hours: Law Enforcement 32 hours / Corrections 24 hours. 
  • If you take the State Law Enforcement Test at the Southwest Florida Public Service Academy there will be a $125.00 fee.
  • See the links below for additional information.

The Mission of the Southwest Florida Fire Academy is:

  •  To offer the highest quality vocational and technical Firefighting & EMS programs.
  • To train highly competent recruits.
  • To assist our graduates with employment in the fire and emergency medical services.
  • To enable certified & employed firefighters and EMTs to upgrade their job skills for career advancement through advanced and specialized training.
  • To respond to the educational needs of the citizens, communities, and industries in the Academy’s service area.
  • To develop into the highest quality fire & EMS schools in the State of Florida through the implementation of continuous improvements.


The philosophies of the Southwest Florida Fire Academy are:

  •  To command excellence is to demand excellence.
  • Training requires dedication, diligence, and integrity.
  • A disciplined learning environment is required in order to better simulate the demeanor necessary to be effective on the job.
  • The two types of failure we will never accept are failure to train and failure to learn, for these failures cost lives.
  • We teach as if lives depend on us because they do.