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The CJBAT will no longer be taken at SW Florida Public Service Academy. To schedule your exam, you can call PearsonVUE (1-877-729-0059) or go to their website at Here is a link to Instructions for scheduling the exam through PearsonVUE’s website. There are multiple locations in SW Florida that administer the CJBAT exam.

Two PearsonVue sites located in Lee County and Charlotte county are:

Pearson VUE Testing Center           Pearson Professional Center

12220 Towne Lake Dr. Unit 40        1777 Tamiami Trail #508

Fort Myers, FL 33913                          Port Charlotte, FL 33948

(952) 681-3000                                  (941) 625-0345

 The Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Tests (CJBATs) were developed to insure that trainees entering into Florida certified criminal justice training centers possess the requisite abilities to master the curricula and understand the materials that are presented to them in training. Prior to attending a Law Enforcement, Corrections, Auxiliary, or Crossover Academy, a candidate MUST obtain a passing score on the appropriate CJBAT exam.

Candidates expecting to attend a Law Enforcement Academy, Law Enforcement EOT Academy, Law Enforcement Auxiliary Academy, or Crossover from Corrections to Law Enforcement Academy must pass the Law Enforcement CJBAT. Candidates expecting to attend a Corrections Academy, Corrections EOT Academy, or Crossover from Law Enforcement to Corrections Academy must pass the Corrections CJBAT.

Candidates who fail the CJBAT are eligible for a retake. However, the retake exam cannot be identical to the test the candidate failed. In order to insure that a different version of the CJBAT is administered for a retake, the candidate is responsible to inform the registration staff that they have taken and failed the CJBAT before. Failure to do so could result in a voiding of the retake results. There are no fee refunds. No more than three tests may be administered to any candidate over a 12 month period.