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We have obtained a dedicated classroom for these classes, which allows us to provide the courses in a daytime and evening format of 4 hour days. The classes will be run closely together, and are scheduled to allow for officers from many different work schedules to participate without the need to be on any one specific shift.  

Any applicant requesting to attend a Commission-Approved Basic Recruit Cross-Over Training Program shall: “Be an active certified officer in the discipline the officer is moving from: or have successfully completed a Commission-approved Basic Recruit Training Program and passed the State Officer Certification Exam within four years, for the discipline the officer is moving from.” Additionally, all participants must have taken and passed the CJBAT exam for Law Enforcement within 4 years of the starting date of the class.  

Officers must submit a letter of intent to the Academy, verifying their intention to attend the program. The letter and their attendance must be approved by their Agency Administration. All participants must meet the requirements of F.S 943.13, as verified by their agency using the Fingerprint Notification Response Form. The Agency will also need to submit a Course registration form for each participant. This requirement does not obligate the Officers’ employing agency to pay the tuition for the course.    

If the proposed student is an open enrollment applicant, they must complete the entire open enrollment process. This includes verification of passing of the Law Enforcement CJBAT Exam with the last 4 years, completion of the open enrollment application and processing of their fingerprints for a background check prior to the beginning of the classes.  

Participants who have successfully been approved to attend the classes must attend on one of these designated orientation dates and times.  

Open enrollment students will be responsible for the tuition costs for the program. Agency personnel enrolled in the classes will be either responsible for the tuition costs themselves or sponsored by their agencies, as dictated by their Agency Policy. Any persons interested in participating in these classes may begin submitting their letters of intent or obtain an application packet from the Academy. The current tuition cost for the program can be found at the link below. It should remain close to this amount, unless the District raises hourly fees. Fees or financial aids approvals are due the 1st week of the classes.


Academy Price List

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