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Academy Directory

Public Service Academy Director Todd Everly SWFPSA  All Programs
Secretary to the Academy Director Rosa Henshaw SWFPSA   All Programs
Law Enforcement Program Coordinator Jack Thomson Criminal Justice Academy  Law Enforcement, CO -  LE Crossover & EoT
Corrections Program Coordinator Robbie Martin  Criminal Justice Academy  Corrections & LE - CO  Crossover
Fire Program Coordinator Jason Martin Fire Academy  Fire -  Basic &  Advanced/Specialized  and High School
Assistant to the Law Enforcement Coordinator Floria Bell Criminal Justice Academy  Law Enforcement, CO -  LE Crossover
Assistant to the Corrections Coordinator Stephanie Brown Criminal Justice Academy  Corrections & LE - CO  Crossover
Assistant to the Firefighter Coordinator/ Financial Danielle Kirby Fire Academy  Fire -  Basic  & Advanced/Specialized  and High School
Advanced and Specialized Secretary Socorro Ojeda Criminal Justice Academy  Advanced/Specialized &  CJBAT
Student Data Entry Carmen Townsend SWFPSA  All Programs
Academy Receptionist Amber Townsend SWFPSA  All Programs
Academy Bookkeeper Llilys Benavides SWFPSA  All Programs
1st Responder Café Operator Lisa Petriella SWFPSA  All Programs
Building Supervisor Daniel Figueredo SWFPSA  All Programs
Head Custodian Keith Kelly SWFPSA  All Programs
Custodian Ginalyn Mangawang SWFPSA  All Programs
Custodian Blanca Rodriquez SWFPSA  All Programs
Technology Support Specialist Christopher Smith SWFPSA  All Programs